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Master Classes with Paola Sopranzi from Argentina, main Judge for DWC - Latin America. 

9th Feb 2020

10.00 am-12.00 noon: Flamenco (Sevillanas)

1.00pm - 3.00pm: Free Dance / Show dance

RUMBA - Flamenco:

With all the sensuality and charm of the gypsies we will travel to the “rumba gitana”. Get ready to be immersed into this fascinating universe. The flamenco rumba is a dance and a flamenco stick of a festive nature. It is also known as gypsy rumba or simply rumba. His dance is characterized by his sensual and flirtatious movements. It is rich in pelvis movements, hips and shoulders. La rumba is one of the most popular flamenco rhythms in social life. It is danced at parties and discos. It has been originated from the influence of Cuban rhythms like the guaracha, the son and the guaguancó. Come and join to dance this exciting style!
Learn technique and combinations for a fun choreography!


We will work in a fusion of Eastern and Western choreography: learning this style can transform you into quite a versatile dancer. Of course with a taste of Bollywood. Learn a fun dance and stand out on the dance floor with some waacking steps too!
A class full of fun combinations and technique drills that will keep our time dynamic and challenging.

Certified Belly Dance Master Class

10th February 2020
6.00pm-10.00pm: Belly Dance
In this Master Class, she will focus on dance technique, style, strong and clear lines of body movements from Middle Eastern. Dance technique will be developed through various exercises warm-ups and cooldowns. We will work in muscle control, posture, isolations and different moves from Bellydance, hip drops, chest circles, and shimmies. Also the challenge of strengthening exercises through Arabic rhythms, transitions and arms patterns. And of course, we finish with a darbouka routine!

The Studio, 98/4, Wheeler Road Extn., Cooke Town, Bangalore 560005
CALL 9880772572 / 9845239123

About the Dance World Cup India Qualifiers Judge - Paola Sopranzi: 

Choreographer, Teacher and Dancer member of United Kingdom Alliance. She is the first Bollywood Dance Teacher in the world to be certified through this institution. She is the main dance judge for DWC Latin America and she has been the first Latin American judge who has been judging at the Finals in Offenburg, Germany. She has been one of the judges in “World of Dance” Argentina in October 2019.


She has been trained in jazz dance, contemporary dance, flamenco, folk dances and belly dance, Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian dance, India Classical Dance and Bollywood Dance, Urban styles, yoga, and Fine Arts. Her expertise in Yoga and different styles of dancing has taken her to create a wonderful system of training for dancers. She graduated in Institutional Relations and has a graduate degree in Management and Direction of social organisations. She has performed and provided classes, workshops and Master Class in England, India, Scotland, Holland, France, Spain, Turkey, United States, Brazil, Uruguay and the Argentine Republic. 


She was the First Place Winner at The Talent Championship 2010 in Harrow, London, England. She is summoned on a recurring basis to teach special classes and choreograph for different companies and schools of Dance and Arts in Europe and Latin America in the field of Indian Dances and their musical styles. She was honoured at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the City of New Delhi for her contribution to the field of arts and culture, in India. She has also been honoured by Malaysia Ambassador S E Dato ́Mohd Khalid Abbasi Abdul Razak in Argentina. She is the artist chosen by the Malaysian Embassy in Argentina to perform and choreograph for all the cultural events. She is the chairman of “Fundacion Cultural Consciente”, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to develop human potential through the performing arts and Om Gam, a performing arts institution in Buenos Aires-Argentina.

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